Hotel Edelweiss Hochfilzen

Edelweiss Hochfilzen - Your familyhotel in the Kitzbühler Alps in the heart of Tyrol

Stepping into the Hotel Edelweiss already means settle down, relax and feel comfortable. It doesn´t matter where you come from, during the last miles to the 3.300 feet high plateau where Hochfilzen is, you will feel the rise of your holiday mood. If you have arrived in Hochfilzen, let your eyes take a look at the panorama and you know what´s coming up the next days on your vacation: pure nature, mountains, sports, relaxation, pleasure and a good mood.

Your holiday destination for the whole family

If Sebastian Trixl welcomes you in his kingdom, you can already feel the Tyrolean hospitality that is lived in the Hotel Edelweiss. The welcoming that Sebastian gives you, perfectly matches the rustic decor of the hotel Edelweiss. Whether big or small, young or old, the house amenities and location in Hochfilzen ensure that for each of you is something to discover.

Sport and activity summer and winter

Do you know what Hochfilzen is famous for? Right, for the nordic disciplines, especially for the IBU Biathlon World Cup. Wintertime is cross-country-skiing time in Hochfilzen - just beside the Hotel Edellweiss Hochfilzen is the start of the first, out of 19 slopes. Opposite the Hotel is the Nordic-Academy-Hochfilzen. And the best thing is, you don´t even have to bring your own stuff with you. At the rental-center of the Hotel Edellweiss Hochfilzen you can get what you want. In the summertime, the slopes are the playground of the Mountainbikers. The Pillerseevalley is the paradise for montainbikers, roadbikers and bikers.

Culinary highlights and relaxing

That´s what is waiting for you during your vacation in the Hotel Edelweiss Hochfilzen. The one who sets his activities in the Tyrolean mountains needs relaxing and some proper food. That´s the reason, why the Hotel Edellweiss Hochfilzen is the right spot for you. The Sauna, Hammam and the infrared cabin shorten the time until dinner for you, that is prepared with products of the Kitzbühler Alpen.