The agriculture of the family Trixl in Hochfilzen in the region of the Kitzbühler Alps

First of all, we have to make something clear straight away - at the Hotel Edellweiss in Hochfilzen, you get no farm holidays. The agriculture, which is operated by Sebastian Trixl and his father, is not in the Hotel Edelweiss or next to it. The agriculture is about 2-3 kilometers far from the hotel, in another part of Hochfilzen.

So why are we talking about this right now? Simple like that - in the Inn and the Hotel, the family Trixl is partly serving you food out of the area around Hochfilzen. Our guests should benefit from fresh, healthy and local products without artificial food additives and without a long transportation. The food in the hotel and at the Gasthof Edelweiss is not only sustainable, it is understandable and leaves no large ecological footprint behind. Therefore, you can eat to your heart without any bad conscience.

The best we can offer you, is certainly our meat from our own production. Nowadays, there is really nothing worse than having no idea of where the steak on you plate comes from. Speaking of Steaks - now we are on the local point of our restaurants. Our steak weeks in autumn are well known and attract many guests from near and far.

Let yourself be pampered in the hotel and Gasthof Edelweiss in Hochfilzen in the Kitzbühel Alps. Culinary enjoyment and at a high level. The Trixl family and the entire team at the Hotel Edelweiss welcomes your call.